Connect Groups

They’re here!

We now have Connect Groups at Judah! These groups are a safe, noninvasive way to get to know each other and invite new people to Judah. We have a variety of Connect Groups to choose from! Read the list below to find out more and sign up today!

Just Journal

Thursdays 7PM with Shanda Reed via Zoom. This group is for those who want to go on a personal growth journey through journaling and self-reflection. The first & last week, we will meet in person. Throughout our sessions, we will have opportunities to share journal excerpts. Each week we will focus on a topic, such as reflection, self-confidence & production. The goal is overall self-improvement! All you need is a journal!
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings will be communicated by leader)

God’s Armorbearer

Saturdays 9:30AM via. ZOOM  with Pastor Manny Buisson. This Connect Group is specifically for those who are serving or feel called to be an Armorbearer. Come learn the biblical, practical, and essential skills for one who has the heart of God’s Armorbearer!
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings will be communicated by leader)

One Love - One Fellowship

Thursdays 7PM with Monique Sirois in her home. This group is dedicated to a time of fellowship, games & short devotional. The location is perfect for those in the Tavares, Leesburg, Mt Dora/ Eustis Apopka area.
Area: Tavares, Leesburg, Mt Dora/ Eustis Apopka area.

Culture Shockers

Wednesdays at 7PM with Isaiah Sumner in his home. This is for any and all Culture Shock Youth!  Our group is an opportunity to go deeper in your relationship with Christ and farther in your purpose on earth!
Area: Windermere/Ocoee

Restore the Score

Mondays 7PM with Cheryl Hinnant via Zoom. Do you need advice on living a financially free and restoring your credit the right way? This is the group for you!  You will learn the secrets collectors never want you to know.  We will teach you biblical principles on finance and show you how to live debt free!  Proverbs 22:1. 
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings will be communicated by leader)


Fridays 10:30AM with Pastor Ron Kenoly at Judah Church. If you are a senior or a "Just Older Youth," join us for coffee, treats, fellowship & an awesome time of ministry!
Area: Judah Church, W Colonial Dr

Judah Fit

Second Saturday of every month 11:30AM with Chiquita Nicole at Judah Church. We will also have a once-a-week zoom available! It's always easier to workout with friends! This is what Judah Fit is all about! Join professional heath and fitness coach Chiquita as she leads her small group to keep you focused on your physical health and fitness!
Area: Judah Church, W Colonial Dr

Judah Reach Out

Third Saturday of every month from 10-12 with Jimmy & Erin Cothern. If you are passionate about outreach, join us as we distribute groceries to those who need some extra support and love!
Area: Judah Church, W Colonial Dr

A Stitch in Time

Every other Thursday at 7PM with Deidra Adams. Together we will learn basic crochet, as well as discuss principles of God woven throughout the Word. We are called to work in the unity of spirit and be “Treasure Hunters,” searching the word for God's glorious truth.
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings will be communicated by leader)

Relationships Made EZ

Thursdays 7:30PM via Zoom with Xarvier & Yvette O'Neal. This group is for married couples OR those inspired to be married (young or seasoned are welcome)! We will have some in-person events planned also! Our focus is on building stronger relationships with one another while keeping God at the center! This group is both social and spiritual as we present practical application to build stronger communication in your relationship!
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings will be communicated by leader)

I Still Do

Fridays or Saturdays via Zoom with Andre & Jennifer Bagby. One Saturday a month we will be in-person together! This is a group all about speaking life over your marriage! We want to create an environment to share, grow, and fellowship with other married friends!
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings will be communicated by leader)

Make it Last Forever

Saturdays from 1pm-3pm or 4pm-6pm with Al & Sonja Ricks. This is for Married Couples. We will play games, picnic, socialize as we share the promises of God for married couples during a pandemic. Teaching individuals transformation as well as shaping married couples by becoming best friends all over again using principles which stops arguments but starts and enhances their love God's way.
Area: Location changes weekly, will be communicated by leaders.

Roaring Riders

Saturdays 9AM  with Yomaira Santiago and Everson Lage for Motorcycle enthusiasts! 
Area: Judah Church

Discovering Your Purpose

Tuesdays 7PM with David Hill. Are you looking to discover your purpose? Yes you?! YOU have a purpose! Let’s discover it together! Join us at Judah Church or via zoom every Tuesday at 7PM. Book: Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
Area: Judah Church, W Colonial Dr

All The Single Ladies

Thursdays at 7PM with Missy Moore.
This group is for Single Ladies who are looking to have fun, meet people and make new friends! If you are new to the single life or have seen most of your friends move on to wedded bliss, you may be feeling a little bored! This is a social group just for you! Our first meeting will be with Missy in her home, but we will also have events such as: Girls-night -out, trying new restaurants, concerts, pool days, volleyball, bowling, Sunday brunch, comedy shows, spa days, book club, dog-lovers, trail walks, shopping, movies, and more! If this sounds like you, we look forward to meeting you! 
Area: Windermere, Ocoee (for first meeting. Other events will be communicated by leader)

Communication For Leadership

Thursday at 7pm with Brian White. Join us as we meet to discuss effective communication techniques. These methods will be beneficial to leaders in business, ministry, evangelism and anyone who strives to improve in communication! Book: "Everyone Communicates But Not Everyone Connects" by John Maxwell.
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings with be communicated by leader)

Out of the Trenches – Veterans’ Ministry

Wednesdays at 7:00PM with Dr. Thomas Spencer. This group is specifically designed for men and women who have served or are currently serving in any military branch of the armed forces.  If you are looking for a safe place for comradery, support, service, and spiritual growth through God’s Word, then you are welcome and belong! 
Book: “The Spiritual Soldier’s Handbook” by Kiley Mullins (first 10 to sign up get this book for free!).
Second book: Second Book: “Leadership 2.0” by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves
Area: Zoom (in-person meetings with be communicated by leader)